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We do a comprehensive study of the patents in a technology field to help you understand the current and future trends in technology and explore lucrative business opportunities. Technology landscapes are an important asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors, market overview and gaps (whitespace analysis) in the technology domain. 

Technology Landscape Analysis conducted by Intellepat is an in-depth analysis to ascertain the existing technology and the market trend in the domain of concern. It involves a competitive analysis of the past, present and future trend in technology that helps one to plan and innovate research strategy. This also helps to identify white space in the subject technology domain. Backed by an experience of several years in the field of IP, we ensure best possible and quality outputs to the clients. We provide detailed information in an excel format, allowing dynamic generation of graphs and pictorial tools resulting in a better analysis by the client

Landscape Analysis involves giving our clients a complete overview based on a unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology and its commercial interests.


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