Patent Litigation Support

A  granted Patent gives a patent holder rights to exclude third parties from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the patented product or product obtained by the patented process. If any third party is doing these activities (i.e. infringement actions) without permission of Patentee, the Patentee is authorized to enforce his/her patent in the court of law. Alleged infringer can (and usually does) inturn challenge validity of the patent itself in the form of a counter-claim.

There are several ways to respond to a claim of an infringement action besides a counterclaim as above. For instance, the defendant can claim that it was not practicing the patented invention, that it was not performing any infringing act in the territory covered by the patent, that the patent has expired etc.

Our litigation support team is having vast experience in handling complex cases of our clients, whether they are Plaintiffs or Defendants. Our experts work closely with you and give best possible advice to protect your Intellectual Property (IP).


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