IP Portfolio Management

Registered protection in the form of patents, design and trademarks are all costly to create and  maintain, and can quickly become a liability if not managed.. Portfolio management is a process where a company can coordinate its IP strategy with its product strategy. A IP Portfolio can be a significant part of a corporation’s overall value . Portfolio management including  strategy development, portfolio SWOT analysis, building and managing a useful global IP portfolio and culling non-strategic assets. 

We will walk through a real-world example of managing a IP Portfolio for business advantage . We will review the business strategy and the supporting patent portfolio strategy. From there we will analyze the competitive landscape and make comparisons to the portfolio, separate the value from non-valuable intellectual property , determine what gaps exist in the portfolio and where, learn techniques for filling those gaps and finally, create a report template for communicating the portfolio value and improvements to a leadership team.


Patent Ranking & Segmentation


Licensing Opportunities


IP Landscape Analysis


Competitive Intelligence


Filing Strategy


IP Asset Maintenance